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Monday, March 9, 2015

India's daughter, an educational documentary banned in India - Shame on India's political leadership, not India

 Foundation for Pluralism | Shame on us, mistreatment of women continues

Link: http://foundationforpluralism.blogspot.com/2015/03/indias-daughter-educational-documentary.html 

Note:  Those who are concerned about their honor or the honor of India, please read the whole damn thing and defend the victims of rape rather than the rapists, work on changing the ugly misogynistic culture than blaming and banning the film.

India's Daughter is an educational documentary about  the ugly mindset of rapists, the filthy misogynists who defend the rapists rather than the victims, and the good majority of Indians who stood up against such atrocities giving hopes to women in India and held rallies.  

The Government of India has banned showing of this documentary. The entire nation is outraged at this, except of course the right wingers, who are care about image of India rather than the suffering of the victims. Shame on those attitudes. 

Venakaiah Naidu, a minister in the current government says, the documentary is made to defame India. To hell with such fame,  he has no qualms with the suffering of the woman, but concerned about the fame. We the people make India, and not the other way around. 

 The Home Minister (Homeland Security) says he is hurt with the documentary. Were you not hurt when Damini was gang raped on the public bus? You rather have women raped and not reported than being called rape capital of the world. Shame on  you for your messed up thinking.  You really should resign in shame.

The rapist and his defense lawyers have said  "the woman should not have resisted the rape", "it is our culture "  "why was she out at 9 PM"  Blaming the victim?  I have been wanting to write for the last three days since I watched the documentary... but could not get my anger out. 

 The NDTV ( New Delhi TV) in protest kept their screen with this simple message, a powerful message to send to the nation. 

One of the interviewees said it right- the protest and the film brought a major paradigm change in the public - shift the blame to rapist from the victim.
It took me two days to gather up myself to write about this, as you read the statements and watch some of the video links you'll be outraged too.  Before I touch upon the history of misogyny prevalent through out the history of mankind and by societies regardless of the nation, race, religion or social status, let me go to India first, the current outrage.

Down below you find many videos and debate links to watch including articles to read.

Throughout the history of mankind women have been reduced to Chattels - property of men. Thank God much of those attitudes are disappearing,. at the same time pockets of extremism are rising  unchecked today.

From the extremities of forcing women and shooting them in soccer fields by the Taliban, the enslaving of women by the ISIS,  blaming and stoning the raped victims in Saudi Arabia, abductions of girls by Boko Haram, and the violence against women including the United States, burning women by dousing them kerosene in India to unmitigated rapes in East African Nations.  Check the statistics, Sweden ranks high in Rapes and no nation and no religious group is free from this evil. The bottom line is how we raise our kids. 

The shame is on India’s government, not India. The shame is on those Indians who have the ugly misogynist mindset.  The right wingers are so pathetic, they simply do not understand the difference between the Leadership and the Nation, the leaders come and go while the nation endures. 

Dhitkaar ho aisi shaan pur
Laanat ho aise maan pur

We have come far but we still have ways to go, shame on all those men who believe women are made for their pleasure, that women have to behave, that they have to remain silent when being raped... I am way too angry to write, but I have to voice against it.

USA - Congress and Texas legislature have both rejected Equal pay for women, a few SOB's have said that rape is divine way of creation. I wish we could collect all the sayings of clergy, congressman and senators and nail these SOB's.

SAUDI ARABIA - A woman who is gang raped gets lashes, what's wrong with these men? The rapists go Scot free because there are no witnesses? We need to demand them to drop these policies.

ISIS - These criminals need to be given a three day warning to surrender or face the drones, or gas (not deadly)  to unconsciousness for for a few hours on a patch of 10 square miles of the ISIS territory at a time and pick them all up and put them on trial. 

INDIA - Women are not safe in India after 7 PM, even if they are accompanied by men. I am glad a huge awakening is taking place,  but there is this mindset, that women are to be had, that women are a game. The first thing that needs to come is for  the stupid  authorities  to give a stern warning that rape will not be tolerated and Prime Minister Modi needs to uplift the ban, blame the rapist culture and not the documentary that is aimed to bring awareness of such culture. 

I will be updating and completing this article by 3/11/15, with a suggestion as to what you can do, how you can contribute towards changing this mindset.

Videos to watch

Kiron Kher on the film (2.59)

Appeal to Modi by the Producer (20:00)

Is banning the film right thing to do? (15:11)

Lyricist Javed Akhtar powerful speech  (0:59)

To the point of banning the film
Lalita Kumarmanagalam is a loser and she is chair of Women's council

Government goes after the BBC: (25:00)

She Deserved To Be Raped" Says New Delhi Bus Driver|
Documentary Film Maker Leslee Udwin Speaks To Media
This is a must watch 1 Hour 30 Minutes show about the rape crises and the solutions in India.
Satyamev Jayate Season 2 | FULL Episode # 1 

Fighting Rape (1.5 Million Views)

A few powerful comments

I strongly urge you to watch BBC documentary " India's daughter" on Utube.  It's chilling account of Nirbhaya story and is meant to compel every MEN and women to introspect, the way we see and treat women. " Dr. Dhiren Shah

My Tweets

Honor of our women should come before the country, we make the country and not the other way around.

INDIA'S honor comes from honoring our women, and protecting them from rapes, rather than the protecting the honor of criminals. BJP is wrong

Our leadership is concerned about our image with the westerners, 
that is sickening, we should defend the victims and not the image.

Together we make India and not the other way around. Hamari manavta Zinda hai to Bharat ma bhi Zinda hai.

We should have guts to face and fix it and not bloody pretend to be holy. Our maan should be based on our integrity.

INDIA'S DAUGHTER - documentary banned. These men want to guard the honor of women by suppressing info about rapes? Fall of BJP begins.

Read these articles:

Mob Breaks into Jail, drags the rapists and hack him to death

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