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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Terrorism in India, solutions invited

Terrorism in Mumbai, India.

Terrorism has raised its ugly head again, and has wreaked havoc in the financial capital of India; Mumbai. Over 90 People have been killed as of now.

All day long, I have been holding myself from re-acting and coming up with solutions.I hang my head in shame that we have not done enough to contain the menace of Terrorism. The question keeps popping in my mind; have we done enough or those criminals way too smart for us? Do we need to focus on blaming or finding solutions?

We need to come up with close partnerships between Citizens and Law enforcement to smell these rats and take a pre-emptive action. We should consider neighborhood town hall meetings, and we need to make sure every community within the neighborhood is represented. It has to be a grass root effort. Inclusion is the only chance to assure a genuine partnership and sustainable grip on crime.

We also need to trace the logic, if there is one and understand this menace that has hit our country from the early Nineties. Prior to that, we did not have much in those terms.We have to condemn death and killing of even a single individual, the criminal must be punished. We must be blind in our condemnation. Blaming is the easiest thing to do, just have to run the mouth or the key board and it is done.

Finding the long term sustainable solutions is the key, every one must co-exists and how best can we achieve it?I invite your solutions, ranting or blaming will not be published, only solutions. We don’t have much time in a day to waste it.

Click the link to write your suggestions: https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=6736957828074326611&postID=3337763694029112663

Thank you.

Mike Ghouse


  1. It is a complex issue. For one thing, it is a mistake, in my view, to simply use the term "terrorism," as if all these different groups are identical. For instance, the Kashmiri separatists, Hezbollah, and Hamas have more in common with the old Irish Republican Army than any of these four have in common with al-Qa'ida. The first four are principally nationalist groups. al-Qa-ida is transnational with much broader religious objectives.

  2. The solution is not simple and it is not one. There are many things to be done - improving economic conditions of countries/regions that are acclaimed to be breeding grounds, sustained continuing education on importance of rationality and importance of thought over religion. More than anything we need top religious leaders to come in fore-front everytime and condemn these acts, otherwise world-over this kind of incident is universally attributed to the entire religion.

  3. society creates criminals and politicians create terrorists....there is no solutions as per HH DALAI LAMA...these people have will to die and we have will to save life...two different wolrds we are living in...these rats should be fed with posion and kill these rats and their queen/kings one at a time..mo more mercy...if few innocent die, so be it...as long as we are affraid to take actions..indians will not be able to enjoy india....MERA BHATRAT MAHAN NAHI HAIN...MERA BHARAT NAPUSAK HAI...


    I did not ask for the price of rice in China, or when did the neanderthal first walked.

    Solutions - how can we co-exist and what do we need to do to remove terrorism from our society, your terrorism is not the answer, your solutions is the answer. Solution to included co-existence.

    Mike Ghouse

  5. Salam,

    When we are guilty of not doing enough to contain the menace of terrorism, so are those who sit on arm chairs, coffers, and preside over the destiny of disadvantaged. Finding solution doesn't mean 'keep perpetuating injustice and condemn those who respond to such injustice'. No, it wouldn't do, it never has. While muslims are asked to join chorus of condemnation, the others are not demanded to do likewise. In India, the Maoist are fighting the riches who exploited them and as per Manmohan Singh, naxalites are bigger a problem than terrorism! But he doesn't talk of injustice perpetuated against them. Manmoham Singh doesn't talk of justice to muslims or christians. He doesn't mind shaking hands with Modi and Advani, the greatest killlers of muslims in India. Even Mike's article doesn't talk of justice, only condemnation. I spoke to many muslims around me, all of them said whatever has happened isn't right but.....

  6. My take on this:

    The Sangh Parivar is behind this. They are diverting attention from the known indictment of previous terrorist attacks by them and gain political mileage for the upcoming election. Definitely, the perpetrators would be dead and along with it all connections to the Sangh Parivar. Please note that one of the leaders of their political wing, Advani was a terrorist when he was young. The mother ship and inflatable boat is staged to blame Pakistan. They have taken out super cops who were actively zeroing on the Sangh Parivar for their crime against humanity.

    Nevertheless, this act is unislamic and should be condemned by all muslims.

    The solution is that perpetrators and their patrons like Sonal Shah should atleast not be allowed in the ruling echelons.

  7. solution is to get to the root cause i.e lack of justice.

    having said that i will elaborate
    cases in example from recent times not years old history

    1.IRA , how did they solve that problem through negotiations, addressing grievances,uk didnt go and bomb ireland or irish to stone age like they did in afghanistan ,iraq or palestine.

    2. east timor , what happened there they let the people choose their destiny unlike kashmir and palestine waiting for the same UN and the rest of the world
    to give them the same opportunity they have been waiting for 60+ years ,so when you are waiting in line for that long your patience runs out,do you remember
    waiting in line at ticket office ,airport check in etc,

    3.do you accept abu gharib,gitmo etc in essence there will not be peace on earth without justice on earth "THY KINGDOM ON EARTH"

    i am not supporting terror or terrorists it is a fact of life that humans areimpatient by nature that is what god says that humans are impatient and jhagdaalu by nature unless you tame them with fear of the creator and the
    consequences on the day of judgement that they will be accountable.

    Riaz Rahman

  8. Very briefly, injustice breeds violence and violence breeds violence. We may condemn the bloodshed as much as we want, but as long injustice remains unredressed, outrage will continue.

    Today, wherever we see violence we see gross crime committed against the people blamed for violence. Oppression of a minority community adversely affects the public welfare of the whole society.

    Removal of injustice and inequity will greatly eliminate the turbulence from the world scene. Agree?

  9. probably the conclusion or the solution lies in itself. we need to develop the interest of people in a whole while also focusing on the economic factors,such that the politicians feel the pain by punishing the ones who do not take action also. i do not think that politicians are away from this, by just directing the media away by setting up committies. there should be a law of punishing those who do not even take proper justifiable steps. also we as public need to be more aware. and attack like this may not be possible without our own help like taking all this ammunition to such a hotel is impermissible, at least someone should have spotted it. if the intelligence can do it than why cant we, if we can hack sites or enter various countries with illegal passports why cant this be done. we need to take proper steps. the army should also take quick steps by reacting and attacking with full strength without thinking a bit as more time means more destruction. thus they should be given permission to attack these people with full strength as it is seen that more time means more casualties. so be it let some innocents die but at least more could be saved by these steps. hope to see this in action soon before it turns out to be a battleground and i will have to do it personally.

  10. (1)start training center who provide all types of training to fight against terrorist,training likes karate,sword,arms,stratgy,practical fight training,like s.w.a.t.and give admission only who will do any thing for country,
    (2) catch local mafia who helps the terrorist by finance,arms,for stay.kill the that mafia show all this thing on t.v. and newspaper
    (3)catch the local mafia & take info about underworld dons than catch them & take info about terrorist group & take info about the person who is master mind of plans,kill all the all rates from starting to end,kill the person whoever is responsible for the any attack,whether he/she is bussinessmen,politician,social worker.

  11. solution is very simple
    just go and destory pakistan


  13. The outrage after the Taj tragedy was "Enough Is Enough" A kind of warning a mother gives to a naughty school brat. But in reality what this 'enough is enough' mean? How will you recognise the next terrorist and the next, inorder to say 'enough and enough' and punish him. A terrorist is not a visible entity he will appear in any guise. This time they came in the guise of Malaysian students, earlier in the guise of a docile girl offering flowers to our former PM Rajiv Ghandi. Tomorrow he will appear in a filled market place in a guise of small boy carrying a shoe polish box (which can easily carry a bomb). So who will recognise him? and say to him 'enough is enough'. All we usually end up doing is tightening security and treating the entire cummunity at large with suspiesion and troubling them by making them take off their shoes and belts and throwing away their tooth pastes and shaving creams and make-up etc, while the terrorist knows all this and will devise other plans of attack by circumventing these obvious security checks. I remember going to Taj earlier and was sad to see it's usual ambiance already lost with all the security check points outside and the metal detectors etc etc. and how much did it help to protect it from this attack? Now will we say 'enough is enough' and garrison the whole army troop outside the Taj? In 6 months they will start yawning and dozing off, is when he will walk in.
    Also what is this 'War on Terror' thing, where is this Terror, how do you chase it? They asked the survivors of Taj attack. How will you feel walking the street now, will you be in fear all the time in Mumbai? They said er' no, it is not that there is any such danger lurking everywhere. So what did the so called terrorist achieve, nothing! On the conterery he took innocent lives, he terrorised innocent people, who once they were out of danger refused to live in fear. Earlier the same thing happened after the Mumbai bomb blast, the next day people went to work.
    So inorder to decifer this. one has to understand, that what a terrorist is trying to do is to create an outrage not terror. An outrage which he has suffered himself as a result of similar terrorist acts by those in power who have abused their power against innocent people who cannot defend themselves. Like the Nazies against the jews, like the jews against the palestinians and the entire world against muslims, just because some factions shouted Jihad and some other dumb factions took them seriously and started supporting them thinking that really muslims are being targetted. The irresposible media and the scavanging politicians indeed fueled it, to the present frenzy by not calling a spade a spade or terrorist a terrorist but always added 'muslim' terrorist and 'Islamic' terrorist etc thus involving the entire muslim world anywhere as the enemy. Now Islam and Muslim is religion it is not a country that you can attack. A muslim can be your next door neighbour, a small cummunity or a peaceful faction etc which can change. As all of them you decided to take them on by defining them as extremist muslims and terrorist and started hammering the innocent in riots etc where ever they were found in minority. This eventually has created an enemity everywhere, not against any one country. As the word of injustice has spread and hence everywhere has become a breeding ground of an enemy and hence unless that is put aright with lot of thought and understanding there is little hope that this enemy will stop multiply by the day, as we are the one giving birth to it by our haterad towards them. And asisting the terrorist by calling them muslims. Which is a big mistake.

  14. To
    The blog Author

    Here is what I would like to add to the comments I posted earlier
    as a conclusion;

    The terrorist will lose their power every where if you refuse to call them 'muslims'

    As it is very obvious that they derive their power from calling themselves 'muslims' and 'Islamic' or they have no power. ...Besides just think " Which religion will support killing of innocent people for what so ever reason."

    Hence instead of saying 'enough is enough' Say "You may call your self Mujahedins, but we refuse to accept that you are muslims."
    As these are not the muslims that we know in India - This will send a clear message to all muslims in the world how we Indians think.


  15. Amen... Bless you all

    The forum made interesting reading

  16. What about not blaming the Politicians? why each party can't hold each other's hand during such crises? Where is MNS?
    Why our security ministers so old to identify new techniques of war in todays course of time?

    What i really feel here is that the time has come where the youngsters under the guidance of experienced and own's knowledge should take charge as CM's, MP's, MLA's, PM's and last but not the least as president.
    Why not to give good remuneration with good facilities to Constables and our internal securities such as Total Police staff from junior to higher level?

  17. ------- BEST COMMENT -------
    ------- BEST COMMENT -------
    ------- BEST COMMENT -------

    Best solution comes from Narsimha The terrorist will lose their power every where if you refuse to call them 'muslims'

    As it is very obvious that they derive their power from calling themselves 'muslims' and 'Islamic' or they have no power. ...Besides just think " Which religion will support killing of innocent people for what so ever reason."

    This has been my message for a long time... Thank you Narsimha

  18. Anand Ganu says:

    I have put my views and recommendations, in my blog http://nerdynadu.blogspot.com/on Nov 29, 2008, for bringing about systemic changes to ensure that such things do not happen again. Then only we can proudly say we are safe now. But the big question is Will any of these recommendations from a common man be taken seriously and taken cognigence of.

    Our emergency preparedness and policies are very shoddy and poorly thought out and on top of it highly neglected and un - implemented.
    What can or should be done ??

    1. All our politicians should take an oath " Yes !! We can and we will "

    2. The government should take is to bring all these calamities in the purview of " CENTRE " and should not wait for the respective states to request for assistance.

    3. The security cover should only be given to the PM and the President. Then it would make things a little simple to tackle.

    4. Make all the paramilitary forces, ATS, NSGs, and MACROS etc completely autonomous and bring then under the ministry of defense.

    5. Make two wings in defense : Internal Security and External Security. The Internal security should also have all the three wings - army, air force and navy. The heads of these wings should deploy personnel based on the requirements in each state, depending on the demographic situations, population, area , forests, sea coasts etc. Besides, there should be a central pool of these wings which could be used to augment the needs.

    6. They should be given completely free hands to deal with a situation. A proper law should be in place to support them and take corrective actions in case of excesses and unjust acts.

    7. They should be allowed to take terminal actions , if and when required. They should also be given a freedom to kill all the terrorists, who are caught alive , after all the interrogations are over .

    8. Our intelligence system also should be centralized and the state and central intelligence agencies should be brought under a common body, again responsible to the Ministry of Defense.

    9. The media should be banned from making live coverage of such incidences and encounters. A common agency should give information to all the channels and news agencies. this is to avoid confusion, chaos and also to avoid the information passing on to the terrorists.

    10. The Internal security persons of all the three wings should be given the latest tools and weapons to deal with any situation.

    11. Every security person, the ATS & Police personnel should necessarily wear personnel protective gears in all emergencies.

    12. The salaries of all armed forces, police , NSGs etc should be the best in the country. They should have extensive insurance coverage, very attractive pension schemes, housing etc. This will help in attracting the best in the country. Their family persons should be given a fixed amount per month , almost equivalent to their last drawn salary, as pension in case the person lays down his / her life while serving the country for such a cause.

    13. Make the military training compulsory, for two years , for all countrymen above the age of 16, be he in the college or not.

    14. Above all !! engage the best from amongst the retired army / police / paramilitary forces to draft a policy a law and a system.

    15. Hire people from abroad like ex FBI , Scotland Police , CBI etc , as consultants, to recommend a policy to fight terror.

    16. Implement the policy at the earliest.

    If Dr. Amedkar could draft a well made Constitution 6 decades back , why can it not be done now ??

    Basically , I feel we and our politicians are lacking the will to tackle this issue.

  19. If we seriously want to fight against terrorist first we have to change our attitude towards terrorist. Afzal, who attack our highest institute and our law, gave judgment on it yet we not take any step against him. This type of so many examples we have. Abu Salem we gave him too many important, our newspapers publish the news about his marriage life and about his affairs but we not taking any steps against him. We gave treatment them and their relatives like celebrities. What we are doing? And after this type of attitudes what we can expect? Please change our view

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