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Thursday, June 5, 2008

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Articles on Pluralism

August (5)
Julia Roberts is Hindu:
Why Jews should support mosque near Ground Zero
Mike Ghouse on Hannity Radio Show about Mosque
World Religious Leaders Endorses Anti Terrorism St...
Rumi on mystery of Balance

July 2010
You, me and us.
Sharia Law: Not in America
Unity Day USA - a 911 Memorial Event
Parliament of World’s religions summit in 2014.
Draw Muhammad Day - A Muslim Cartoonist
Evangelical Atheists?
Islamic terror is real, as is Jewish and Christian...
Is a mosque at Ground Zero religious freedom too f...
Zoroaster, Prophet of Zoroastrianism
Bottom line prayers (wishes)
Muslim acts of heroism during Holocaust
Standing up for Jews, Gays and Mexicans, why shoul...
FOX TV, Sean Hannity and Mike Ghouse about NASA to...
What Interfaith Means To Me
July 4th - what does freedom mean to you?
Sulha Joint prayers by Jews and Muslims
My Own Private India
A good story on co-existence from Punjab, India
Burqa Ban – Hannity, Gabrielle and Ghouse on Fox T...

June 2010
Happy Fathers, Daughters and Sons day
Muslim Reformers in Iran and Turkey: The Paradox o...
The Quantum Brain, Spirituality, And The Mind Of G...
Jesus Cartoons by South Park

May 2010
Many Faiths, One Truth by HH Dalai Lama
Reflections on forgiveness
How not to deal with Muslims in America
interfaith, intra-faith, pluralism, religion & spi...
Religious discourse and the Parliament of Religion...
TODAY IS NATIONAL PRAYER DAY Let’s pray, reflect o...
National Prayer Day, Thursday, May 7, 2010
Sunday Morning at Martin United Methodist
Mike Ghouse speaks at Dallas Immigration Mega Marc...

April 2010
Dallas 2014 - Parliament of Worlds Religions
South Park incident with a Muslim
Hannity, Fox, Police, Rev. Graham and Mt. Vernon
Religious Freedom, international coaltiion
Honoring Imam Dr. Yusuf Zia Kavakci today

March 2010
Luncheon talks with 12 Arab Imams
Atheism on Rise
Celibacy and Sex Scandals
3000 Thanks, What are you most likely to say?
Women, Saints, Rabbis, Imams and clergymen
The wonder of religion
Muhammad (pbuh) from Jewish & Christian Perspectiv...
Muslim-Christian dialogue: An Islamic view
Freedom of Religion in Japan
Religious Conversions

February 2010
Prophet Muhammad's birthday celebrations
Muslim Condemn beheading of Sikhs by Taliban
February Festivals
What is Peace
Understanding religion's role worldwide
Religion and the Making of U.S. Foreign Policy
Program at SMU to explore Texas Holocaust and Geno...
Can Jewish-Muslim dialogue work?
Obama names Indian-American Muslim as special envo...
An Alien View Of Earth
Valentines Day taking on a new meaning
Bad Fatwa by Muslim-American body against airport ...
Synagogue Library Destroyed in Crete
Project SOAM
Petition for Native American Heritage Day
Religious Prejudice Stronger Against Muslims
Afghanistan: Obama Capitulates to the War Makers
Ancient Tribe Goes Extinct as Last Member Dies

JANUARY 2010 (23)
Indian Australian on Parliament of Worlds Religion...
Interfaith effort to honor the deceased
Trialogue with Jews, Christians and Muslims
Spitting on Christians in Jerusalem
Press release on Holocaust and Genocides
Haiti, Voodoo's view on the quake
Haiti needs one hundred helicopters
Haiti and Earthquake Theology
Israelis more tolerant of Islam
Multifaith Action: Haiti TragedyShare
Seeking Harmony in Malaysia
Zen: Mastering your Temper
Wahid, the Voice of Moderate Islam
God is back - Karen Armstrong
Free to criticize religions but not with hate
Political Linguistics in America
The struggle for the soul of Islam
What's God got to do with it?
Baptists and Muslims: different books, common word...
Who Owns God?
The Indian Minister needs to apologize
Change is Coming to Islam
Tribute to Abdurrahmand Wahid, the Pluralist

DECEMBER 2009 (13)
Pluralism Goals for 2010
AVATAR – a movie about co-existence
Integrity of Imams, Rabbi, Pastor, Pundits
A tribute to Jesus
An appeal to Indonesian Muslims
Mike Ghouse on National Public Radio
Indigenous Environmental Summit 2010
Integration of Religion in the 21st Century
Am I a Jew, Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Pagan or a M...
Copenhagen is about Climate Justice
Dallas Holocaust Museum
Healing the planet - Dr. Abusaleh Shariff
Healing the Planet- Jewish perspective

NOVEMBER 2009 (12)
Mike Ghouse to Speak at Parliament of Worlds Relig...
Muslim countries seek blasphemy ban
Fort Hood shooter attacked Muslims, too
Senseless shootings violate Islamic faith
The Dangerous Idea of Protecting Religions from “D...
Mass Killings around the world
What Swirls Around Fort Hood
Muslims at Fort Voice Outrage and Ask Questions
Major Nidal, why did he do it?
Blaming Nidal's Religion is Dumb
Reflection - A day with Maya and Toltec people
Happy Gurupurab - Guru Nanak's birthday

OCTOBER 2009 (6)
Towards a kind and just society
Hindu fanatics messing Hinduism
In search of Jesus, a poem
The Imams from Jordan and Pluralism
Obama wins Nobel Peace Award
How Moses Shaped America

SEPTEMBER 2009 (7)
Islamic Center of Irving on Stereotypes
In Rome, Durga is not welcome
3000 Muslims pray at Capitol Hill
Blasphemy laws have got to go
September 2009 Holidays
The Spirit of Rosh Hashanah
Spirt of Navaratri

AUGUST 2009 (12)
Synagogue - a part time Mosque
Maybe we can all just get along
Paryushan - a Jain festival of forgiveness
Pluralism in Governance - Singapore
Ganesh Chaturthi
Spirit of Ramadan
Prophet Muhammad, a Pluralist and initiator of int...
Losing my religion - President Carter
We believe in evolution and God
Fundamentalism - the oldest folly
Quraan on Pluralism
Pluralism in Indonesia

JULY 2009 (9)
Religious Cleansing in Iran
Pluralism Talk at UMC Farmers Branch
Confronting Genocide
Fragmented Societies and the Future
Pluralism practice in society.
Reconsecration of Hindu Temple
Musavi speaks the Islam I know.
A war of words between Catholics and Jews
Battle Against Fundamentalists

JUNE 2009 (12)
Democratic Faiths
Is Islam compatible with democracy?
Your brain on religion
Kamala Das, A Pluralist passes.
Muslims Condemn display of hate at Holocaust Museu...
Buddhism & Islam, a fascinating look
God's Changing Moods
Hell fire & Non-believers
Muslims in America not for domination

MAY 2009 (5)
India - the pluralistic governance
Face book; an experiment in pluralistic democracy
Jewish and Muslim women on same page
Zionism - Definition and History
Rabbis of Muslim Empire

APRIL 2009 (3)
Challenge of Religious Pluralism
Are Muslims a part of the American story?
Is your faith Superior?

March 2009 (2)
Muslim Response to Lies about Qur'aan
Festivals and Commemorations

February 2009 (7)
Understanding Zionism
Saudi Arabia; A change is in the making
Does Qur'aan incite Violence - II
Is Qur'aan perfect?
Evolutionary Creation
Obama speaks at prayer breakfast
Rabbi initiates Muslim-Jewish teamwork

January 2009 (4)
PR on Second Annual “Reflections on Holocaust and ...
HR 34 : Are we pleasing the lobbyists or the peopl...
A Vaccine Against Terrorism - Inter-Faith Harmony
Gaza Petitions to stop Killing

December 2008 (10)
Neither Jews nor Muslims, they are evil men
Gaza Solutions
Yes to Heaven; for the Godless and Godloaded
Christmas - Kwanza - Zartosht Diso - Muharram -...
Happy :: Hanukkah, Pancha Ganapati, Khushali, wint...
Scream Bloody Murder, reflections on Holocaust and...
Essence of Eid-al-Adha, a Muslim Festival
December 2008 Festivals
Do unto other religion
Terror in the Name of God

November 2008 (12)
Celebration of the life of “America’s Imam”,
Terrorism in India, solutions invited
Christian Muslim Dialogue
Muslims beware; Kaaba and Wikipedia Blunder
Indians, Pluralism and Parliament of religions
Rabbi Adam Raskin on Obama
Obama's Fascinating Interview
Hsin-hsin Ming on Faith and understanding
Who's the real Hindu?
Obession inspires Jewish group to Join Muslims
Islam and Pluralism in a Global Era
Jewish-Muslim Dialogue; a necessity

October 2008 (5)
A Conversation with Mike Ghouse on Pluralism
Reconciliation of Civilizations
Tell me the Talmud
The Transparent Synagogue
Who put hate in my Sunday Paper?

September 2008 (7)
The Spirit of Rosh Hashanah
The Spirit of Navaratri
The Spirit, rituals and politics of Ramadan
All religious paths are valid
Pluralism conversation - Ghouse-Campbell
Center for Interfaith Inquiry
Your Comments on Pluralism

August (8)
Peace is the result of Justice
Deadly foes - Symbiotic Religious Chauvinisms
Unity Day USA 2008 - A 911 Event
Where Jews and Arabs get along
Obama's Religion Coordinator
Bahudha Pluralism
Center for Interfaith Inquiry
Ban on Atheists

JULY 2008

Dismantling Terrorism
Rabbi Rosen on Saudi Led interfaith conference
The Saudi dialogue - Rabbi Lerner
Divisive words - Pro Israel or Palestine
Religion and Oneness of God
The Inclusive-Exclusive Factor
Blaming the religion is dumb.
Interfaith in Saudi Arabia
Separating Jihadists fact and fiction
For the sake of Biblical Prophecies
Who owns God?
Who owns the word “Allah” ?
Religious sentiments ala textbook
Religions hope for better understanding

JUNE 2008

Exploiting the Muslim- Jewish divide
Americans Tolerant of Religions,
Theists Questions to Atheists
Discrimination: Public Prayers
Imagine no religion
Islam in America's Schools
Spain, Muslims and Pluralism
Hindutva and radical Islam
Celebrating Volunteerism
Sikhs - Golf digest apologizes
Saudi Arabia Interfaith dialogue

MAY 2008

Dialogue: Jews, Christians & Muslims
Saudi Arabia: Interfaith dialogue
Critiquing Islamism and Maududi
Israel at 60; a Land of Hope
God's Grace for Najma Ghouse

APIL 2008

Pluralism and Volunteerism
Jew & A Muslim on Poverty
Protection for reformist Muslims
The road not taken
Everywhich way Jesus
Freedom to be vulgur?
Moyers: Ridenhour Prize
Church and the State
Ten Commandments monument
The irony of intolerance
American Muslims & the Pope
Praying Passenger Removed
Carter Peace initiatives

MARCH 2008

Jewish Arabs and Arabia
Duttch Sue Fitna Wilders
Dutch Jews on Fitna film
Understanding Biblical Verses
Wilders, Fitna and Quraan
Homosexuality and Islam
Bedevilled World
Laser Barking at Terrorists
Pope Benedict
Democracy a natural state?
Gratz, a pluralistic school
Sri Lanka Pluralistic Gov
Lahore Celebrates 4 festivals
True Religious Dialogue *****
A National Model of Peace
Jefferson, Islam and State
The science of religion
Obama - Politics unusual
Is Happiness Preordained?
Dialogue K├Ânig and Dupuis
A Church in Saudi Arabia
Obama - A perfect Union
The Atheist delusion
Muslim Jewish Relationship
Was Jesus a Buddhist?
Turkey: survival of fittest
Terrorism is anti-Islamic
Jewish Billionaire
Yes we can - Peace in Gaza
Gender Equality Now
A Christian Apology
Pluralism Prayers
Islam and competing in good
Obama, the shepherd
Religion for Sale


Religion and ethics of War
Executing the Terrorists
Obama the Pluralist
Pluralistic or Secular?
Faith, law and democracy
Apology from Senator McCain?
Path to peace in Mid-east
Undermining Civil Liberties
Gandhi and the Jews
Politics divides religions
Malaysia - Action now
Teaching Pluralism Act
Jewish take up Pope's work
Pluralism in Islam


Muslim response on Qur'aan
Reflections on Holocaust
Dr. Martin Luther King
Concept of oneness of God.
Am I a Hindu?


Happiness for Sale
Zoroastrians big in spirit
Religious conflict in India
Hope for Pakistan
Orissa : Religious conflict
Pluralism – faith, nation




Gujarat Massacre & Justice
Say no to intolerance
Jesus: Islam & Christianity
Ramadan Triangle
Understanding Islam Workshop
Mahatma Gandhi's Message
Stand with Burmese People
Ahmedinejad V Bollinger


Rama, a Muslim perspective
Jews Muslim pray together
Israel Lobby & Democracy
Muslim converts risk life
Festivals of September
Does God have a religion?
Karma & the Israel Lobby
Unity Day USA A 9/11 Event


God's Warriors - You Tube
Fighting the fanatics
Appeal to Homeland Security
Muslims Stand with Darfur
Three Movies - 3 Religions
Indian Muslims Visiting Israel
Hindu Temple Executives
Muslims demand an apology
Pluralism & Muslim Congress
Condemn Temple desecration
Anti-Semitism Anti-Israelism

JULY 2007

Good for nothing majority
Sikhism: Everything to know
Unity Day USA - 911 Event
Hindu Prayer Creates debate
Lal Masjid, Pakistan by Zehra
Intensity of Religious Identity
Muslims nothing to prove
Hitler, Neocons and Fundies
Understanding Judaism
Hindu Prayers open US Senate
Eboo Patel on Pluralism
The Theocons
Happy 4th from USA Today
Dallas: Holy Land Dialogue

JUNE 2007

Jewish Journal on Pluralism
Indian oversight, let's fix it.
The Evils of Holocaust Denial
Hate Sermons from the Pulpit
Being Hindu is much different
Religion and Public Policy
Bangladeshi Hindus Harassed

MAY 2007

Fears for Democracy in India
Workshop on Bahai Faith
Muslims advocate dialogue
Atheism du Jour
Accumulating Wounds
Balancing the Prophet
Violations towards Children
Dying for religion or Politics?


APRIL 2007

Workshop on Hinduism
Moderate Muslims
Extinguishig Hoaxes
Muslims and Democracy
Atheism isn't the final word
Yom HaShoah & Yom Milaad
Eboo Patel, Interfaith core
Symposium - One Islam?
Law of Cause & Effect
Understanding Religion
Moderates Stepping up

MARCH 2007

Americans Fail in religion
Faith :: The Lost Tomb



Hinduism and Islam
Understanding Jainism
Understanding Jainism
Hinduism 101
Prayers at City Hall
Tolerant Beleivers
Points of Agreement
Interrogating Radicalism
Extremists and radicals
Faith and Politics - Obama
Why God is Winning
Religious dialogue basics

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